Research Article Collection for Quality Management Class

Shah, R., Ball, G. P., & Netessine, S. (2017). Plant operations and product recalls in the automotive industry: An empirical investigation. Management Science63(8), 2439-2459. (

  • Using samples from auto manufacturing plants, this article demonstrates the positive relationship between the plant utilization and the likelihood of resulting a recall.

Corbett, C. J., Montes-Sancho, M. J., & Kirsch, D. A. (2005). The financial impact of ISO 9000 certification in the United States: An empirical analysis. Management science51(7), 1046-1059. (

  • Using event study fashion, this article seeks to identify both short-term and long-term implications of receiving an ISO-9000 certification.

Guajardo, J. A., Cohen, M. A., Kim, S. H., & Netessine, S. (2012). Impact of performance-based contracting on product reliability: An empirical analysis. Management Science58(5), 961-979. (

  • This article suggests that even the type of contract (time and material contracts and performance-based contracts) with the manufacturer can have impact over the product reliability.

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