Business Statistics Lecture Slide

This is the lecture note I have developed for fall 2020 business statistics. I will develop the next half as my course progresses.

The slide is developed using LaTeX. So, I don’t really have a PPT version. If you want to use it as PPT, you can export all the pages as images, then import those images into PPT.

Some highlights of the lecture note:

  • Less number of chapters than most textbooks in the market (I did not omit any important topics, I just combined chapters so that it appears there is a smaller number of chapters to study.)
  • I did eliminate some topics that I personally do not use in the descriptive statistics part. (for example, stem-and-leaf, stacked bar chart, etc.)
  • Has a detailed topic index where you can conveniently jump to the point (From the students’ perspective, it is convenient for the review purpose.)
  • Introducing and emphasizing the idea of the distribution from earlier chapters. (Students typically struggle with the concept of distribution because it is so theoretical. I tried to demonstrate the formation of and the practical utility of using a distribution from early sections.)
  • There is a brief introduction on how to read and utilize mathematic notations, especially the summation notation. (Students struggle with this is a lot. If they do not understand notations, providing a formula sheet does not mean anything.)

Credit: I did use some images and questions from Andrew et al, Statistics for Business and Economics, 12th ed. For other sources, I tried to add the credit whenever possible. I tried to develop the visualization myself whenever possible.

Copyright: If you want to use it for your class, please just drop a line here in reply or message me over my LinkedIn. I just want to make more friends. If you want my LaTeX code, I can share with you if you agree to share your work with me afterwards, so that I can study from you.

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