OSCM 3340 Spring 2020 Videos

Here is the listed of videos I prepared during this semester. Since the Youtube is not showing all the videos at once for your view convenience, I prepared this space for you.

Virtual Classroom Toolbox

Mach 10, 2020, our university required all lectures be delivered online due to the COVID19. I put together a list of tools that you may find useful for teaching online.

From Population Distribution to Sampling Distribution (Simulation)

Sampling distribution is an important concept in statistics. We rely on sampling distributions (e.g., sample mean and sample proportion) to make decisions about whether to accept or to reject the hypotheses about the population properties. Students usually have tough time understanding the concept due to its highly theoretical nature. The attached Excel spreadsheet can help […]

Price Break Model

This one problem type that confuses the most. Price Break models are used where the price of inventory varies with the order size. In these models the economic order quantity is calculated for each price and compared to the amount of inventory that will be available at that price.